What Not to Do After a Car Accident

What Not to Do After a Car Accident

Car accidents are one of the prevalent types of accidents that occur each day, resulting in many injured victims. Many accidents are caused by negligent drivers who are distracted or choose to disobey the law. 

There are certain things you should also know to avoid doing in the event of a car accident. Top personal injury lawyers who worked for an established and reputable litigation law firm, like those from Brown Kiely, LLP, would encourage victims to avoid doing the following actions if they are injured during an accident. 

Do not wait to notify law enforcement. If you are able to, call the local police department and inform them that you were involved in an accident. While you wait for them to arrive, stay in your vehicle to avoid further injury and wait for other first responders to assist you. If the police are able to respond to your call, provide them with a detailed but not embellished description of what you remember prior to the accident. 

Do not admit fault. Even if you believe your actions may have partially contributed to an accident, do not make statements regarding your role at any time to anyone other than your lawyer. This includes making any kind of apology. After an accident, you do not need to answer to anyone who asks if you caused the accident. 

Do not refuse a medical evaluation. After a car accident, it is highly important that you consent to a medical evaluation. Even if you are not harmed in any way or feel stable enough to go home, a doctor’s medical report is a key piece of evidence that can strengthen your case. It also prevents insurance companies from outright dismissing your claim.  

Do not immediately accept the first offer of compensation. After an accident, your insurance company may offer you compensation for the cost of damages, and you may be tempted to take it. However, experienced lawyers would advise against that because the initial offer may be too low and it may not cover most or all the damages caused by the accident. 

For more information about general tips and how to protect your rights after a car accident, contact a respected personal injury lawyer.