DHEC Reveals Names of SC Nursing Homes with COVID-19 Infected Staff After Threat of Lawsuit

The COVID-19 virus is currently rampaging through the United States, and South Carolina is feeling the effects of the virus too.  The elderly are the particular demographic of concern as the virus as the deadliest effect on them.  In South Carolina we are a state with a lot of nursing homes, and the nursing home residents are typically older.  What makes the situation more dire is that residents in nursing homes are in close contact with each other, and all the various staff that are taking care of them.  This puts nursing homes right in the crosshairs for a deadly outbreak of COVID-19 that could ravage a nursing home.

Families still need to check their loved ones into nursing homes during these times, and having all the information to do so is more important now more than ever.  One piece of information that would be important, if not the most important is if a nursing home has had a COVID-19 outbreak, and if so how bad was it.  This is the same information that South Carolina DHEC was keeping secret from the public.  It took a lawsuit from an attorney to make DHEC finally reveal which nursing homes have had staff and residents infected and how many.  In one nursing home they had 57 staff and residents test positive for COVID-19.  In a facility of 135 beds that could mean a death sentence for your loved one if you check them into that facility.

This story shows that now more than ever it is important to have a nursing home lawyer on your side.  With outside visitations being cut down, and all the uncertainty surrounding nursing homes it is important that you have a nursing home attorney on your side advocating for your rights, and making sure you have the knowledge you need.  The safety of your loved ones is paramount, and should anything happen to them it is important that you have a nursing home attorney on your side making sure your loved one gets the justice they deserve.