Getting Auto Insurance Coverage for a Bike Accident

If you’re an avid bicyclist, you probably have all the right equipment for your rides. You make sure to strap on a helmet and safety gear. You probably wear the proper clothing too. In addition, before each excursion, you make sure your bike is ready for the road by checking the tire pressure, brakes and other essential functions. Of course, doing all of these things won’t guarantee your safety, but they increase your chances of avoiding accidents. However, if you do suffer an unfortunate incident and get hurt, it’s nice to know your auto insurance may step in to help.

Common Bicycle Injuries

Even experienced riders can make errors in judgment and suffer an accident. Going too fast down a hill, taking a turn too sharply, or being too carefree could put you at risk for an injury. Many times, though, other riders or drivers cause bike accidents. The results can be serious, even life-threatening. Head injuries are common. While wearing a helmet can save your life, you may still experience trauma such as a concussion or other brain injury. Breaks and sprains are not uncommon. Lacerations and contusions can also occur. Shoulder, back, neck, and knee injuries are frequent results of bike crashes.

What to Do in the Aftermath

The first thing you should do after a serious accident is to call for help. If you can’t get to a hospital or doctor’s office on your own, call for an ambulance or call 911. If the accident involves a vehicle, you should remain at the scene and notify the police. In the meantime, exchange information with the driver such as phone numbers and insurance information. Don’t accuse the driver, and don’t lose your cool.

Relying on Your Auto Insurance

The good news is that many car insurance policies will cover auto-bike accidents. If you suffer injuries on your bike after a car hits you, speak with your insurance provider and file a claim. Personal injury protection will likely compensate you for medical bills, including doctor’s appointments, hospital stays, treatments, and medication. If you’re not sure whether your policy covers bike accidents, speak with your agent.

Involving a Lawyer

If the driver was negligent or hurt you on purpose, you may have grounds to file a lawsuit. A bicycle accident lawyer, like a Woodland Hills bicycle accident lawyer, can advise you on your rights.

Before your next bike ride, review your car insurance policy. Get the protection you need today.

Thanks to the law offices of Barry P. Goldberg for their insight into using auto insurance coverage for a bicycle accident.