It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask for Help

Roles of an Estate Planning Lawyer

An interesting new way to make money is flipping property for profit. Whether it be selling the flipped property or renting it out to tenants. This is a great option for someone who enjoys projects and getting creative with paying the bills. The hard work put into flipping properties is worthwhile and to be able to profit from doing something you enjoy so much (hopefully) is the best feeling. However, an attorney should be consulted if this is how you prefer to make profit. You want to make sure you are covered legally in the event your buyer does not follow through on the sale of your flipped property or if you have a tenant not paying their rent or a dispute comes up with your contractor. An attorney could assist you in preventing this from happening, however, many situations like these will come up but do not fret, your attorney can still assist you in the event that it does. 

Business like this requires a lot of work and extensive planning but you don’t have to do it on your own. You can have business partners, employees, and a legal team. A business like this may require extensive contracts and agreements and an attorney with experience in business and real estate would be able to provide you the assistance you need. Perhaps you need an attorney to help you set up your new business and assist in the creation of your company policies, contracts, or any legal documents. But you may also need an estate planning lawyer in Belgrade, MT, like from Silverman Law Office, to help you with the loss of a tenant.

You may have discovered that one of your tenants has stopped paying rent. You’ve warned them and talked to them but there is nothing else you can do except reach out to your attorney and ask, “What’s next?”. Your attorney will provide you a solution to this and what the first step would be. Running a business while also being a landlord is hard, but it doesn’t always have to be difficult. Make it easy on yourself and ask for help. 

Here at Silverman Law Office, we have attorneys that match their years of schooling with years of experience in the legal field to better assist their community members in any issues that come their way while embarking on the journey of being business owner. Being your own boss comes with many hardships, but you don’t have to go through it by yourself. A good attorney will assist you the best they can ethically while also providing you with the best customer service. Silverman Law Office, a Law firm in the State of Montana is more than capable of assisting our community with their legal needs. Whether it be with businesses, real estate transactions, or landlord/tenant law. Don’t let the complications of starting a business or purchasing a property stop you from pursuing your dreams and it never hurts to ask for help.