Motorcycle accident lawyer Clayton, GA

Can You Still Make a Motorcycle Claim Long After the Crash?

Motorcycle accident lawyer Clayton, GA

Life can become instantly complicated after a motorcycle accident. You have too much on your plate, from recovering from an injury to informing your work to getting quotes on motorcycle repairs. It’s easy for time to slip by, and before you know it, months have passed and you still haven’t filed a claim. At this point, most people wonder if it is still possible to do so. Here’s how much time after the accident you have to file a claim, including how to collect information to file the right way.

Filing Deadlines

The statute of limitations is a law in every state that sets a deadline for your claim. The deadline clock begins as soon as your accident occurs, and you only have so much time to file a claim before it’s no longer possible. To get an exact date on when you need to file by, look up your state’s statute of limitations. This will tell you how many months or years you have remaining. The typical timeframe for a statute is two years. Your state may be longer by four years or shorter by over a year.

The Process

You should let your insurance company know about the accident right away, preferably within a day or two of the crash. You don’t have to make a claim just yet, but this ensures they are aware of the situation and can give you the right tools for filing when you choose to go ahead. Immediately after the accident you should take pictures, talk to anyone who saw it happen, swap information with the other driver and obtain any other valuable information you might need for the claim. Make copies of all medical costs and other bills you receive because of the collision, too. The more complicated your claim, the sooner you should try to file.

Fast-Approaching Deadlines

If your deadline is coming up quickly, you’ll need to get organized and prioritize what to do. Collect important information and contact your insurance company to see what can be done. They can get everything started so that your claim is in on time.

A Motorcycle accident lawyer Clayton, GA can assist you with the legal aspects of the claim. If you are really crunched for time, speak to a local law firm such as Hurt Stolz, P.C. Their insights can help you skip unimportant steps and focus on what matters so that you can get compensated for your accident and get life back to normal.