Not At-Fault

When you are involved in a rear-end motor vehicle accident and happen to be seen at fault because your vehicle rear-ended the other vehicle, you may feel the accident was not your fault, and in some cases you are actually right. Because it is safe to assume the party that struck the other vehicle had to be paying attention to other things, police officers typically cite the party that rear-ended the other. This does not always mean that you are entirely liable. Sometimes, the party that was struck is the reason for the accident. In order to be considered the at-fault party in a motor vehicle accident there must be an expectant duty that was neglected, such as running a red light or not stopping completely at a stop sign. These things are put in place to provide order on the road and every driver has an obligation to follow these traffic laws. Once that obligation is neglected and an accident is caused, you will be seen as liable because your duty was breached. However, much like a criminal case, this breach has to be proven.

Whether or not the police officer witnessed the accident, , when they arrive on the scene they will issue the appropriate citation to anyone they feel contributed to the accident. Of course, after carefully examining the scene of the crime and any available factors. In a rear-end accident it is pretty easy to who caused the collision, but it is not easy to see why the accident was caused without further investigation, which is usually completed by the insurance companies. The main cause for rear-end accidents is the car in front suddenly stopping, which may not give a following party enough time to stop their vehicle completely and avoid them. In some cases, the individual that was rear-ended is at-fault, for example:

  • Backing up improperly
  • Brake lights are out
  • Stop and go driving

If you are cited for a rear-end accident and you strongly feel that you were not at fault, in situations like these, it is best to speak with an attorney that will be able to look over the facts of your case and help you reach a solution. Unfortunately, in these cases injuries may also be incurred and with injuries come medical bills and even time away from work. This is very important to your case as well, because if you are not at fault entirely, a personal injury attorney may also be able to assist you with being compensated by the correct at-fault individuals insurance company. Speak with a vehicular accident lawyer in Atlanta, GA, like The Lynch Law Group – Attorney At Law,  immediately.