Violent Criminal Charges

It is pretty straightforward to assume that violent crimes are the only criminal charges that face a “violent” or major consequences. Even though this is the case, white collar crimes are just as bad as violent crimes and should be paid attention to just like it was a violent crime. It is common for most people to think of crimes and immediately think violent. But there are many other crime types as well. White collar crimes are usually crimes committed by different forms of scamming that is caused by the person that is being accused who tries to deceitfully steal from another person or their business. There are multiple amount of ways to commit a white collar crime, but there are some white collar crimes that happen far more than others and those are:

  • ”Insider Trading” is a form of white-collar crime that happens the most often. This occurs when someone who is working for a certain company and knows about the companies’ investment trades and other secrets. Think of it as the insider selling the stock that they have earned because of the earnings that they know about. Something like backdooring the company. This also can occur by giving out fake information to the investor, but they find a way to sway the investor into investing money into their company.
  • ”Insurance Fraud” is another extremely common white collar crime. Insurance fraud happens when a person makes fake injury claims with insurance companies and reports to collect insurance money from a company. 
  • ”Ponzi schemes” are the most famous and what people may have heard of, but is still a white collar crime that happens regularly. The scheme is making investors think that they can assume that they will be receiving a large return amount by investing a small amount. The scammers then use the investments that they were given to repay the investors that have their money in before. If there aren’t any new investors coming in, then the scheme will eventually come to an end and fail.
  • ”Embezzlement” is the most blunt out of all of them. Embezzlement is simply someone that is taking someone from their employer. If they don’t take from the employer, then they are taking from an employee. This happens when someone is paid for doing a job or service and don’t use the forms in the right way.

Should you or someone you know has been arrested for a crime listed above, contact a criminal lawyer, like from The Lynch Law Group.