Why You Should Hire a Lawyer After a Car Accident

Not every car accident will require a lawyer to intervene on your behalf. However, if you experience severe injuries or property loss because of an accident and you are not at fault, a lawyer is a wise investment. Therefore, if you intend to file a claim against the liable driver, you need an experienced car accident attorney for at least five reasons.

1. Education

Lawyers undergo significant training and schooling to practice law. The time and effort they put into their education mean you don’t have to. However, you want to find an attorney with the right knowledge. A lawyer who is well-versed in criminal procedure is not what you are looking for. You want a personal injury attorney.

2. Experience

You want a lawyer with experience. Look for attorneys who specialize in car accident claims. You also want to verify their success rate and reputation. Most lawyers are happy to discuss how often they receive compensation for their clients. If they don’t want to discuss their successes, consider looking elsewhere for an attorney.

3. Skills

One of the primary reasons for seeking legal counsel is their skill set. Not only are attorneys well-versed in the law, but they are also skilled negotiators. Since most personal injury cases often settle outside of the courtroom, you want to hire a lawyer who can get you the best settlement offer.

4. Contacts

Another reason to hire an attorney is for their contacts. Many personal injury lawyers have relationships with other legal agencies and lawyers, meaning they can fast track a lot of procedural and bureaucratic issues. Beyond the paperwork, personal injury attorneys are also familiar with many insurers and may understand how best to interact with them.

5. Resources

Finally, the main reason to hire an attorney or law firm is for their resources. Most people do not have the money or time to invest in private investigators or paralegals. Law firms, however, have these people on staff and under contract. Therefore, when you are getting ready to file a claim for a personal claim, you are best served by a law firm.

Not every car accident will cause significant damages or financial hardship, but when they do, don’t think you can fight on your own. A licensed attorney will always have a better understanding of the legal process, and they will probably have superior negotiation skills. If you are thinking of filing a claim, consider reaching out to a local car accident lawyer, like a car accident lawyer in Longwood, FL.

Thanks to David & Philpot, PL for their insight into the importance of hiring a lawyer after a car accident.